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Biosthetique Creme Riche

The creme is a treatment for extremely dry demanding skin. The Anti-Age line is a specific range of skincare products designed to tackle the root causes of ageing. A skin-related amino acid (DPHP) promotes the regeneration of the elastic collagen fibres found in the epidermis, enabling the skin itself to effectively combat the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin rejuvenates, becomes more pliant and acquires a visible radiance.

• Free radicals are effectively repelled and therefore cell membrane damage is reduced
• Slows down the Elastin breakdown so that the skin keeps its vigour
• Collegen interlinking is improved and as a result the skin is visibly smoothed. At once the skin becomes distinctly softer and more vital.
• Core-providing substances make sure that it is extremely kind to the skin and raises the skins ability to retain moisture.
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Published: February 13, 2015