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Smoothing - shampoo & cond.

Fruitbio - Obtained by lactic fermentation of sugar cane, citrus fruits and apple in addition to green tea. Aiding in pH stability, this ingredient will help close the cuticle and aid in smoothing out the hair surface. Visually improving the look of damaged frizzy hair.

back to top Crodasone W - Copolymer based on wheat protein and silcone (silica-sand). Crosslinking on drying to form a conditioning network providing thermal protection and taming the surface of the hair shaft. Noticeably improves feel and shine of damaged hair. Reduces thermal cracks on hair by as much as 77%.

Moisture - shampoo & cond. - sulfate free

Cromoist WQ - Moisturizing complex consisting of quaternized hydrolyzed wheat protein and quaternized hydrolyzed wheat starch. The proportion of protein to starch of the two components and their respective molecular weights has been carefully selected to ensure a high degree of functionality and compatibility. This will aid in the moisture retention of the cuticle to greater than four times it's weight.

back to top Hydrotriticum WAA - Wheat amino acids with a molecular weight of 150. This allows it to penetrate the hair shaft where it will permanently condition hair. Increasing the level of these amino acids to 2% gives the moisture conditioner 35% more moisture retention than other comparable moisture products.
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Published: September 15, 2014