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Brassy Hair

Another thing you can do to protect your $150-a-pop blondification investment is to make another investment: in a good shower filter. Besides the fact that the chlorine and iron deposits in our water are probably not the nicest stuff to imbibe, they can also make colour fade and look dull. And the iron, specifically, can add to the reddish, brassy tones.
It’s a good idea to use a clarifying shampoo to get that shiz outta there, and then install a filter like the one I’ve been using from Jonathan ProductIt’s a two-step filter that takes out chlorine, synthetic chemicals and heavy metals, replacing them with healthy, pH-balanced potassium ions. Both skin and hair feel softer and hair colour lasts longer—hooray! It should last about six months or so.
T3 has also recently come out with their own version, which sounds even more amazing:
The handheld filter has eight different spray settings and features a chemical filtration process that transforms chlorine into harmless elements too large to be absorbed into hair and skin. They say that after after 10 washes, hair shows a 64 percent reduction in frizz, a 28 percent increase in body, a 47 percent increase in “comb-ability” and a 28 percent increase in shine. Love these stats!
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Published: June 16, 2014