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Bioscal Hair Loss Products

Bioscal® has been tested in multiple clinical studies preformed by dermatologists and other medical doctors and is proven effective in stopping thinning hair and to generate regrowth in all stages of baldness, as classified in the Norwood-Hamilton scale:
The Bioscal® products may be used any time in accordance with your own schedule, but the following may provide some guidance:
The core of the treatment is the Bioscal® Hair Energy Concentrate, usually applied in the evening at bed time. It should stay on the scalp for an hour or two to maximize its penetration and effects. More…
Shampooing with the Bioscal® Shampoo in the morning will remove any residue left on the hair and scalp from the treatment that was applied the evening before. Of course, the Bioscal® Shampoo may also be used any other time whenever you like your hair shampooed. More…
If you use a conditioner after shampooing, we recommend the Bioscal® Conditioner, which was developed specifically to complement the other Bioscal® products and to support the treatment. More…
The Bioscal® Revitalizer may be used after shampooing, while the hair is wet or after drying, or any time between shampooing, to extend the effects of the treatment. More…
The Bioscal® Revitalizer may also be used instead of the Bioscal® Hair Energy Concentrate, if you prefer a lighter treatment alternative. More…
Original Bioscal® Hair Energy Concentrate
The best time to apply the Bioscal® Concentrate is before going to bed at night because it requires about an hour to be truly effective and because the scalp reacts best during sleep. Bioscal® Concentrate should be applied directly to the affected areas of the scalp by using the dropper provided. Use the fingertips to spread the product over the areas where the treatment is required. The prospect of success is dependent on regular daily and consistent use over a period of at least 6 months, which will allow revigoration of the hair roots and re-growth of new, healthy hair strands.
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Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo
Bioscal® Shampoo may be used daily and should be used at least twice weekly. To maximize the benefit from the application, it is recommended that Bioscal® Shampoo is used regularly in conjunction with the Hair Energy Concentrate and/or the Revitalizer. However, Bioscal® Shampoo may also be used alone to enhance hair growth and to establish and maintain healthy hair. Wet hair thoroughly with warm water before applying the shampoo. Massage gently into hair and scalp, lather and rinse well with clean, warm water. Repeat the treatment, if necessary, and massage gently for one full minute before rinsing well.
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Original Bioscal® Hair Conditioner
After shampooing with Original Bioscal® Hair Shampoo, rinse well and apply generously to wet hair. Leave in for one minute, or longer if desired, and rinse thoroughly. For best results in treatment and prevention of hair loss, it is recommended that Bioscal® Conditioner is used in conjunction with Original Bioscal® Hair Energy Concentrate, Revitalizer and Shampoo.
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Original Bioscal® Hair & Scalp Revitalizer
Bioscal® Revitalizer may be used daily. Regular and consistent use gives the best results. This mini-treatment should be sprayed onto to the hair and scalp after and in between shampoos to either dry or damp hair. It is non-staining and water soluble. Apply a small quantity of Bioscal® Revitalizer to the hair and scalp. Use the fingertips to gently massage the scalp in rotating movements for at least 3 minutes. Leave the hair to dry naturally or use a hair dryer at cool or warm setting (not hot). Complete by combing or brushing.
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The most effective and best documented topical hair loss treatment worldwide
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Published: January 26, 2014